Bringing You the Best in Training!   We are a Law Enforcement owned and operated business

Continuing Education after you have taken our class and obtained your Ohio Concealed Carry License

Enhance Your Skills at     Engage Virtual Range

Now that you have your Concealed Handgun License are you confident you could accurately pull the trigger if necessary? 

Your training doesn’t have to end with your CHL certification. We would like to encourage you to continue your training at Engage Virtual Range.

A huge part of growing confidence with gun handling is frequency and recency. Routine practice is an important aspect of developing muscle memory, target acquisition, and overall comfort. EVR makes it easy to engage in situational awareness scenarios, dynamic target practice and speed challenges.

For any gun owner, regular and routine training is key. Engage Virtual Range offers a safe, fun and judgment-free environment for novice and expert shooters. It’s a year-round economical alternative to traditional gun ranges.

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