Bringing You the Best in Training!   We are a Law Enforcement owned and operated business

FFL Transfers and New Firearm Purchases

We can transfer your firearms to any FFL dealer in the country for a fee of $25.00 plus the cost of any shipping and insurance. 
We can also receive firearms that you purchase online and can perform the required background check all in one transaction for the same $25.00  
We also offer private party background checks and bills of sale for the same price. We can also buy new firearms from all firearm manufacturers, contact us for our best pricing.

*** Make note we require the ATF 4473 Background Check be processed; regardless of the Ohio Concealed Handgun                       License Provisions. 
*** We also require a PROCEED be received to sell or transfer any firearm. WE DO NOT TRANSFER ON A 3-DAY BRADY                 PROVISION; UNLESS YOU HAVE AN OHIO CONCEALED HANDGUN LICENSE, Contact us with questions.

Concealed Handgun Classes

We offer CHL/CCW certification courses through our highly trained OPOTA and NRA certified instructors.  Price is $100.00 per student and group rates are available. Passing our class will meet the training requirement set by Ohio law and allow you to apply for an Ohio Concealed Carry Handgun License through an Ohio County Sheriff's Office. If you take our CHL/CCW class, you are entitled to your first FFL Transfer for free or dealer pricing on a new firearm purchased through us.

•  You DO NOT have to be an NRA member to take this training course!

Course Outline:

Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law requires that we provide, all of the following:

• an 8 hour course of instruction

with 6 hours of classroom instruction and at least 2 hours on the firing range.

• participants learn how different handguns work, the rules for safe handling of a handgun, and the proper storage and handling practices for Handguns and ammunition.

• Students are given a handbook on Ohio Concealed Carry, and we go over the rules and regulations VERY THOROUGHLY. It is our goal to insure that each of our students knows and understands the Ohio Concealed Carry laws before they apply for their permit.

* NOTE: Any course that is shorter in classroom or range time does not meet Ohio's Legal Requirements, and should be avoided!

Who Can obtain an Ohio Handgun License (CHL) ?

·  Any law abiding resident of the State of Ohio, at least 21 years of age, and a resident for at least 30 days.

·  You must pass a criminal background check. Certain violent crimes, drug offenses, etc. will disqualify an applicant.

· You must obtain certified training from a training facility such as S&H Firearms and Supplies.

What if I have never fired a handgun before?

· Prior shooting experience IS NOT NECESSARY. S&H Firearms is staffed by both NRA Certified Instructors and OPOTA (Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy) teaching the NRA Basic Pistol course and the OPOTA Course, the course is blended together. This Course is outlined with the beginner in mind, teaching all of the basics of pistol shooting from top to bottom. It includes instruction in how different handguns work, how to grip, sight and shoot a handgun properly, and does include at least two hours of live fire shooting on our private shooting range for S&H Firearms and Supplies students only.

What if I already know how to shoot a handgun?

• Experienced shooters will benefit from the review of Fundamentals, and most students tell us they  greatly improved their shooting skills after taking our course.

We also cover the Ohio Concealed carry rules and regulations  VERY THOROUGHLY, to be sure every student feels comfortable about concealed carry for personal protection. Our Legal portion is presented by the Ohio Gun Lawyer.

Is it safe to learn to shoot?

• A VERY HIGH emphasis is placed on handgun safety.  After completing the course, students will be have the skills, and the confidence to go to any shooting range to practice and improve their shooting or come back to our range.

                                              Estate Sales, Auctions, and Consignment

* We will help sell your collection, or help sell a loved one's collection through our network of associates. We charge 10% of the selling price, to which you as the customer will set.

                                             Old equipment and Old Ammunition Disposal

*We will help assist you in discarding old ammunition, unwanted ammunition or other munitions. We will also help discard of miscellaneous firearm parts or equipment you no longer want or do not  know what to do with.

                                                                         Public Notary Services

*We offer Public Notary Services and can also do raised seal notary.

                                                                         Printing Services

*We now offer Black and White and Color 8.5 x 11 printing services paying per page and/or per job.

Special Events

*We can host special events at our facilities for Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, Business Outings and Social Groups, contact us for details.

                                                         Glock Certified Armorer Services